As a fashion brand we take care of the design and style!

When it comes to fave masks and the current COVID-19 situation, we're taking care of safety and protection FIRST.

Our masks Mask are made of a thick quilting fabric that has been washed prior construction for a shrinkage and has two thick but breathable layers with a filter pocket in the middle. Inner layer is made from soft but high quality fabric that assures protection as well as softness.

Each purchase helps fund our Homemade Face Masks LA group of volunteers making masks for hospitals, police departments and other essential services. We have donated over 25.000 masks in 45 days!

Masks are Made in Los Angeles, CA.

About ICONIC28

ICONIC28 was designed and created by two female entrepreneurs Katarina Dzale and Raseljka Maras to help other women who have the same problem - nothing to wear and a wardrobe full of clothes!
As frequent travelers, we also needed a  solution for our overweight luggage and minimalist packing as a way of living, that would fit all of our needs for our business and leisure trips, but also our everyday life. 

But we realized that this product is a perfect outfit not only for our traveling but for our everyday life! 

Back in 2017 we named it Unique Travel Set but we realized that besides being UNIQUE it is really ICONIC! Our flagship product ICONIC28 will give you 28 different styles when you mix and match only 9 pieces of clothes.

That's how ICONIC28 was made.

We design and produce ICONIC28 in Croatia and Los Angeles, CA with a touch of European culture where we originate.

We believe in slow fashion, sustainability; we are body positive and our main campaigns are modeled by our founders and real women with curves.

ICONIC28 is a starting e-commerce platform for all the travelers needs.

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