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About Us

ICONIC28 was designed and created by two female entrepreneurs Katarina Dzale and Raseljka Maras to help other women who have the same problem - nothing to wear and a wardrobe full of clothes!


Since the COVID-19 has started, we have put our fashion business aside and created the biggest volunteering group for homemade face masks - Homemade Face Masks LA and organized volunteers in 8 parts of LA County. From March 2020 we have donated over 30.000 face masks to the hospitals, police, navy, homeless organizations and others in needs. After the need went down, we started our comercial, small, women employed face masks manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, CA. Besides our web shop, you can find our Face Masks in Erewhon market all over LA.

We design and produce our travel fashion lines ICONIC28 in Croatia and Los Angeles, CA with a touch of European culture where we originate.

We believe in slow fashion, sustainability; we are body positive and our main campaigns are modeled by our founders and real women with curves.


When we go back to our core and "normal", ICONIC28 will again be a starting e-commerce platform for all the travelers needs.

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