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Create your fully customized ICONIC28 Styling Set

ICOINC28 was designed as a Styling Set to provide women with a clothing system to lower down stress, decision making process and provide a focus on more important things in life and minimize amount of clothes we have in our wardrobe that we almost never wear.

It came out as an idea when we were traveling a lot and almost always had a problem on what to pack to our suitcase. You either over pack or you don't take what you need. Barely ever it is as it should be.

You know that moment: I have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear!

So, now when we know what's the solution, let's see how to chose a right one for you.

ICONIC28 was created to be 100% customized for our customers. That means that you can choose your size and length but also tell us your body type (Apple, Hourglass, Pear, Round or Straight) as well as your height. As addition, when you make an order, you can write us your measures and we will make a perfect fit for your body.


Step 1: Choose your product

Step 2: Choose color

Step 3: Choose Size, Body type, Height, Quantity and add it to your cart

Step 4: Go to your cart (top right corner) and press View cart

Step 5: Right below your order, on the bottom left side are two fields: Enter a promo code and Add a note. If you have a promo code put it in and Add a note about your body measures

Step 6: Choose between credit/debit cards or PayPal as a payment method

Step 7: Enjoy the rest of your day and expect your ICONIC28 at your doorstep in few days

Thank you for loving us!

Raseljka and Katarina, Co-Founders

Send us your measures in checkout comment and get a perfect ICONIC28 fit!

Enjoy your shopping and chat with us if you need help!

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